About Us

Rig Monsters™ was created to allow you to do the most important thing – start or continue mining as quickly as possible. Rigmonsters.com strives to be a place where all levels of miners can find the items they are looking for to build or improve their beloved rigs.

Experienced miners can find components to self build rigs and new comers can find complete rigs that are ready to mine. We always strive to have competitive pricing and a variety of items for miners to choose from. Above all, we will try to source as many good as possible so we can be a one stop shop.

Rig Monsters staff tests everything before offering a product for sale. Therefore we will only offer solutions that are in the best interest of the miner. With that said, if you have suggestions on what we should be offering or new technology to try, please let us know and will try our best to source those items.

Rig Monsters staff tries to stay on the cutting edge of technology and we are committed to trying to the trickiest setups before selling products or offering advice. Most important, we will try to keep pricing in check and avoid buying items that have inflated prices.

Please sign up to receive updates on products offerings, new shipments and interesting blog posts. Most of our items will have an auto notify feature so you can be the first to know when a hard to get item comes in stock.

Please note: No matter how hard we try we will never be perfect so we appreciate feedback. Please do not be afraid to contact us about anything! We look forward to building long lasting relationships with our customers and we will always to improve and broaden our service offerings.

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